A call doing wonders for you with Air China Service

Air China Service is that one place where you can get solutions to your queries regarding your air travel. If different policies followed by different airlines confuses you a lot! We can fix things up for you!
Our team at Air China Airlines Service is there for you! We can guide you with the services offered by the airlines. Our experts have a keen interest in the services offered by the airlines which is why we can guide you which the most airlines apt airlines for you.

We can guide you about

Our team can assist you in booking the airlines that provides the best services for you. Let’s look the way we compare the airlines for you

Air China Airlines Baggage

Some airlines don not let you take checked in baggage for free or there are some airlines that can charge heavy fees for extra baggage. When you speak to our experts they will undermine your need and will suggest you the best and the most affordable airlines.

 Booking Your Tickets

Booking process is confusing we know that but we can get things done for you in an easy and convenient way. Call us and we will do the bookings for you. Not only that we will get you deals and offers that aren’t available in the market.

Check-In Status

There are times when you don’t get the time to Check-in to your flight online, or at times you don’t want to get hassled on the airport to find how you can check-in. At this point our team can tell you the most convenient way to check-in to your flight.

Air china Customer Service Team Guide in Miles

Getting your bookings done using your miles is not that easy! We know that also we can guide with the best way to book so that you earn the maximum amount of miles for any airlines.

Flight Status

Though most of the airlines today offers to chance to check your flight status anytime you want to, but that is still confusing because you have to do a lot of formality in that. With a call to us all you need is your PNR number to check the status.

Canceling your Tickets

In a world as dynamic as ours, we understand that certain plans do change. But with flight tickets you can suffer a huge loss when you have to cancel a flight, if it is not done properly. Call Air China Airlines Service and we help you cancel your tickets easily.

Refunds with Air china Ticket Team

If you are yet to get a refund on a cancellation of booking or any other issue, and the airlines isn’t being of any help reach us we will guide you with just the apt way to get your refunds cleared.
A call at Air China Airlines Service can sort out a lot for you. All you have to do is reach out to our experts and all your air travel related issues will be sorted in easily! So let nothing stop you call us now!

Privacy Policy

Air China Customer Service is an independent service provider. We aim to provide ticket booking service and a platform where fliers can call to resolve their queries. We do not have any tie ups with any airlines. All deals, offers and claim made by us are subject to availability and time limitations.